Relics of the Chozo is a project aimed at producing a collective and collaborative interpretation of the soundtrack of Super Metroid. However, each individual piece, despite being a unique standalone work of its own, is also a part of a larger scheme arranged to create an ambience of continuity; one large song, if you will. The project could be thought of in terms of a progression of events/sentiments/stages of every relevant theme from Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo.




10/26/04 - A Word for Avien

I'd like to recognize one of our artists who helped with this project, Avien (Christopher Powell), because I was informed recently that he passed away. Excerpt from
"Mr. Powell, 18, of 4520 Artdale Rd., Concord, died Friday, September 10, 2004 at NorthEast Medical Center. He was born July 7, 1986 in Alexandria, VA. ...An avid musician, Chris played alto sax with The Pride of Robinson Marching Band from 2001 to 2004."

Although I only talked to Avien a few times while working on RotC and didn't know him too well, I definitely recognized his skill in music. His track 13 "Noumenon" (Maridia2 Theme) was a great addition to this project. Thank you for being a part of Relics of the Chozo, Chris.


4/3/04 - Update: RotC Wave CD Album Torrent back online!

So like, sorry for the downtime. It was's fault. Anyway, now I'm perminently hosted on, so no more downtime. Now you can all get back to enjoying the cd in 44khz 16bit goodness!


11/28/03 - How to get rid of ogg vorbis playback static in winamp!!!

So, I was just screwing around with vorbis settings on winamp (the ogg player that sometimes creates static on certain songs dispite my sincerest efforts) and discovered something. If you turn off 16bit Dithering on the decoder, the static goes away. I knew I didn't mess it up in the encode! Stupid winamp has defaults for its vorbis decoder that messes Vast Inner Depths Of Brinstar (Brinstar2)up.

Infact, it messes up a lot of songs with similar chorus like this song. Example: Matrix Reloaded 2-06-Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis - Burly Brawl.ogg.

So, for all of you who are experiencing static on the oggs played in winamp, disable dithering!



11/14/03 - Full Wave format of RotC is now available via bittorrent!

I finally got around to uploading the torrent file of the Full CD of RotC in wave format. Get it here. Learn about bittorrent here.

I will stay on and seed the album. If anyone wants to help seed, its easy! When you're done downloading, simply leave the file intact (SMProject - Relics of the Chozo CD.rar) and leave the torrent client running. It will continue to upload once the final download is finished. During this time you can still extract all waves/ burn to cd, whatever you want :) All help with the seeding is very appreciated.

Sorry for taking so long with this; I wanted to make an ISO file available instead of just straight wave files to make it easier to burn, but apparently its near impossible to make an iso format that all burners like these days, so whatever. Heres the waves.


RotC Bittorrent File


11/2/03 - Just a little update. I finally got around to uploading Rob Saunders' great RotC CD Covers. Get them here:

For Nero


Heres some information on his cd covers.

Also, courtesy of Rob Saunders is a cool site link you all can feel free to use to link here. Apparently it is more in accordance with the 'official site link dimentions' or whatever:


9/16/03 - Created this handy button link for you link-addicts out there:



9/12/03 - Relics of the Chozo is officially out. Thanks to dave for the awesome spotlight! Thanks to everyone involved who made it possible. Thanks to SuperMetroid for being so frigin kick ass. Enjoy.


9/8/03 - UPDATE - Remastered version of Relics of the Chozo is done and online. I did this because some people were hearing static in the encodes. There should be no static anymore. No major changes were done on the ST itself, but I did master the second to last track a bit more. I promise this is the last/final version of ROTC and I wont be changing anything else. You don't really need to download the latest version unless the minor static heard on the older version bothered you. Enjoy!


8/30/03 - Website is more or less done at this point. I have yet to impliment the bittorrent system, but when I do, that section will be filled out as well. In the mean time, pick up your copy.


8/28/03 - ROTC IS FINALLY DONE!! There are a few tidbits that might yet be fixed, but nothing serious. For the most part, this is the final version, so get it now! Note: This website is still under construction and may be for some time.


8/14/03 - I finished the main layout of the RotC Website. Now to finish the damn album... Everything is going great so far. I went over to Dan Baranowsky's house today and picked up the last 3 songs for the soundtrack. He made the most awesome ending to top this thing off. I'm pretty damned excited.


8/13/03 - I talked with Dave and he agreed to use '' as a sub domain routed to my server. I believe this is ideal as it provides the flexibility the project needs in the event that my University server address is to change.


8/13/03 - After some discussion a few of us decided that 'Relics of the Chozo' is a good title for the album, so we're going with it.


The Old SM Project Thread on OverClocked ReMix's Forums is here.




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